Daddio Mission:

Our mission is to help dads easily find family friendly activities and events near them.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to reduce the struggle of finding things to do outside the house and increase the number of activities dads engage in with their kids.

Our Value:

By offering a simple, easy to use, and consumer engaged platform for finding activities and events we can increase family involvement and help create positive family memories.


Daddio was created from nothing more than 2 dudes trying to better engage with their kids, one event at a time. We know the headache many dads (and moms) go through trying to find local events and activities that they can enjoy with their kids. It’s no question the events and activities are out there. But sometimes the challenge is finding them and not spending more time looking for events, than actually attending. So, we two dudes decided lets do something about it. Lets create a one stop “shop” that showcased events and activities in an easy, simple to use, and clear way. It was at that moment when daddio was born. We want to reduce the barriers to exploring fun activities with your (and our) kids. Welcome to¬†Daddio! Less Searching. More Exploring.

Meet the “Daddio’s”

Steven Swink

Co-Founder, President

Steven is a mental health professional who has worked in the field of behavioral health for the past 8 years. Before Daddio he was a “Daddio in Training”, however 4 years into the world of parenting he has officially graduated.

Stevens favorite ways to engage his son is to build forts out of boxes, be used as a human jungle gym, and occasionally make up his own version of popular story time books.

Brian Ouilhon

Co-Founder, Vice President

Brian is a law enforcement officer serving for a local agency. Before Brian was enforcing the law he enforced mad skills on the karaoke machine. While his nickname is Thor, he is a soft teddy bear at heart.

Brian’s favorite ways to engage his little ones is to play with monster trucks, play baseball, wrestle, and munch on some frozen yogurt. Oh and he may even toss in a little peek-a-boo and bust out a good ole fashion karaoke rendition of Itsy-Bitsy-Spider.